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How to develop your business idea and pitch it right

Any idea that has the potential of becoming a successful business, ought to have value. It doesn’t necessarily mean that the idea comes with value on set, instead, added input to your idea is what gives it the value it needs. This includes your interest on it, problem it will solve, the targeted group in society. etc
Growing an idea, means there’s a trail of story in the making. Pay attention to that. That story defines your pitch later. Therefore, be clear on how you arrive to the value of your business through the brand story.
Second, test the idea first. This is nature. There’s something about humanity wanting to help people who help themselves. So, make baby steps towards realizing that idea you have. Get somebody to buy your product or service – as a proof that there’s a business case
Third, have fun doing what you do. Finally, pick the best for your team. Don’t settle for inadequate. They will fail your business. Be willing to pay them the best way possible to have them in your team doing their very best that you’re after.
“Great businesses are built by great teamwork.”

Quick tips when Pitching a Business Idea

First of all, always know what you want and need. It’s your ask. The feedback you look forward to ought to be characterized by your ask.
Second, when expounding your idea, Shorter is always better. You don’t need to restate what you have stated before.
When presented with a platform, take your time and don’t just jump into it. First ask yourself “who am I addressing this to?” once you understand your surrounding, own the stage. Bring forth confidence before starting your pitch.
When it’s time to pitch – Remember to state the ask upfront. (and don’t justify it). Followed by the brand story (this now tells the audience why your bsuiness does what it does. what does your brand stand for? why are you there?) and then restate the ask again at the end. For instance;
Lastly, when having a conversation with humans; ‘humanize’ as much as possible, regardless of how technical it might seem to be.


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