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How to find your purpose

Have you ever been in that situation where you feel as though you’ve wasted your life and are halfway through it? Or your mind keeps flooding you with rhetorical questions which go like, “….hey, do you know what your life is all about? Why do you exist? What are you here for? What are you here to accomplish? Who are you here to be?….”
You might be highly educated, with a Masters’ degree, or financially well off, or maybe you are in a position of power; but still you find yourself unhappy with life.
Every time when you look at yourself in the mirror, you only see the outward self. But the real you – lies inside. Your personality, how you think, reason, and acting with integrity/uprightness.
For you to find your life purpose, you must know something about your reason for existence.

How? 5 simple things

⦁ Who are you?
It’s about your true identity. The bible in the book of Genesis 1:27, we are told that God created man in His own image and likeness. This means, you are unique , You were made with something special and different that other created things don’t have. Only mankind has breathe from God.
Psalms 139 also tells us that we are fearfully and wonderfully made. In Jeremiah 29:11, the same God who created us, says that HE thinks about us, HE has plans to prosper us, to give us hope and a future. Jeremiah 1:5, your life is not by accident. God knows you by name, even before you were conceived – HE knew you; and since you have His breathe in you, you are an eternal soul.

⦁ What are you doing?

⦁ Whom are you doing it for?

⦁ What you need / want in life

⦁ What you get as a final result and how it changes you

Everyone wants to wake up every morning with an assurance that they are on the right path towards their goals. We want to know with certainty that we’re headed in the right direction. We want to feel confident with each step; but in the midst of this, we find ourselves constantly being distracted and pulled into different directions, by the appeals of this world.
Here’s the solution. Psalms 25:8-10 tells us that “If our hearts are humbled and we truly seek God’s will: HE will always show us – what is right for us, HE will direct us on the right path, HE will lead us along that right path and ultimately; with unfailing Love and Faithfulness.”
To find your purpose, and live a life of joy, it’s based on being humble, and seeking God’s Will. Don’t go to the world looking for answers in life’s questions….instead turn to God. Your maker.

    God did not create us to drift along with masses like waves in the oceans. HE gave us a purpose. To care for God’s creation. People, animals, anything that exists. If you are a pilot, it’s your task to take care of passengers aboard commuting from one destination to another. If you are a doctor, it’s your task to care for the health of patients.
    We all have responsibilities to the environment and the people around us.
    For instance, is here as a guide. We help you discover what suits you, and you could do to better your life, the lives of people around you and also, sharing our Christian Faith, to help you grow spiritually and know your Maker much better day by day.
    I’ll put it this way – Why you are here!
    John 15: helps us understand this. That in everything we do, our first priority is GOD. Focusing our relationship with Christ. The second one is ‘Loving one another’. In everything you do, it ought to glorify God and express love to others. Finally proclaiming and spreading the good news of Love and the Kingdom of God! That’s why you are here. It’s the reason why you should be doing what you do!
    If you are a teacher, you’re doing what you do for the students/pupils in class. If you’re a couple and a parent, it’s your responsibility to set a perfect example of Love to your spouse and your kid(s) . If you are a child, obey your parents/guardian even if they are imperfect. Most importantly, set Christ’s example.
    The way you treat others, whether it’s at your workplace, or your pets, your family, even strangers – show them Love. Make them feel special. Do what Jesus what do.
    Never take anything for granted. Next time you are offended, don’t abuse or retaliate back. Simply refrain. Do everything you do, with Integrity and to show your Love to Your Maker.
    We want you to understand, embrace and cherish every privilege that God gives you.
    Next to JESUS, the wisest man on earth that ever lived was King Solomon. And he gives us a realistic view on life before making his final remarks. In Ecclesiastes 12:9-14, King Solomon, gives us only two tasks to pass every life’s challenge!
    In the midst of this chaotic world, only two verses in the bible provide solution to pretty much everything in life. Whether it’s about pleasure, work, finances, wisdom, food, foolishness…etc
    First, Fear God – meaning take His word seriously.
    Second, keep His Commands. Why? there’s judgement in whatever you do whether in public or in secret. Fortunately, Jesus in Matthew 22:34-, He sums up all the commands of the God into one term : Love.
    Matthew 6:33 tells us to seek the Kingdom of God and His righteousness first, and everything else we need will be added unto us.
    I encourage you, read the bible, hear what God is saying, obey that with Faith and do it practically and you’ll find your life purpose.
    After doing all these, living your life, what’s your destiny?
    From the start you are an eternal soul, and there is an eternity in question. The bible again addresses this important phase : Hebrews 12, encourages us to be righteous, upright in everything we do – lifestyle and even attitude to conform with Godliness. This is what makes us Holy. verse 14, says that without Holiness, no one will see The LORD. why? Verse 28-29 then says, ‘The Kingdom of God that only the righteous, (those who keep Fear Him and keep His Commands will inherit ) is eternal and unshakable’.
    Matthew 25:41-46, conditions are laid on eternity. First, the unbelievers, those who don’t take God’s word seriously and don’t fear Him – will go into eternal punishment which is thrown into eternal fire (Verse 41), but the righteous enter into The Kingdom of God.


Your life is not an accident. You were created in the image of God, and when you love Him and others around you, and fear Him, obey His commands, HE will lead you, guide you, protect you, give you Hope and Future – eternal Kingdom of God.
Second, don’t compare yourself to others. We are all equal before The LORD, simply do what God has given you the privilege to do without downplaying it’s value. Do it with Love and you will make a difference.

I hope this article is helpful to you, if you need more assistance, don’t hesitate to contact us. Whether in your business or your faith as a christian, we are here to help you. Blessings


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