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Keep your Focus

As a sole proprietorship or small business, it is extremely important to keep your focus. As an individual you are not able to cover several areas.
One of the biggest enemies is the fear of missing out. It’s so easy to think: Oh, I could integrate this or that into my business so that it becomes more attractive and runs better. This is a huge danger if one does not have the ability to handle everything. There are many options nowadays; but just because you can do something doesn’t mean you should do it.
It is advisable to write down interesting thoughts once and then to archive them. If you look at it again later, you can do this from a certain distance. That gives the opportunity to look at things with less emotion.


On to new shores. People tend to like to discover new things instead of being satisfied with the previous. Better to continue working on something that already exists than to strive for something new
How quickly do you allow yourself to be seduced and end up constantly starting anew without finishing or expanding the old, which, if possible, would often be more economical.

Thomas Sommer

As an Internet marketer, father and believer Thomas Sommer knows about the challenges of life. By the relationship to God he managed to find a stable foundation that carries him even through difficult times.
Now he is willing to help others in achieving the same.

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