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Success in Life

Whether poor or rich, unemployed, or sick, God has a plan for everyone. When asked what their meaning is in life, most of them are pondering. Have you considered this before? It is not so easy to answer; Since most people do not even know their real identity or have not yet found it. Many simply live there without really being aware of what they are or who they are in God’s eyes.

Personally, I have often asked myself about the meaning of my existence and have remained without a satisfactory result. Only after a life crisis and the approach to God did I find an answer to this burning question. Only in the presence of God is the darkness bright. In the knowledge of who God is, man can find his identity. Through the knowledge of one’s own identity, one can also recognize his vocation, which ultimately leads to a happy and fulfilled life.

You know the formula E = mc2 without knowing what it means. Do you already know S(uccess) = M * 6,33? This is the formula for a carefree life. In the Bible in Matthew 6:33, it says, “First seek the kingdom of God and his righteousness; So shall all these things fall to you.” Here Jesus promises the divine care for those who seek God’s kingdom. It is worth reading this chapter once.

Do you long for success in your professional life? Try to invite God into your boat. Yes, let him even take it to the wheel. Since God sees much more than we and his omnipotence have entirely different resources at his disposal than us, he is able to bring us through life better than ourselves. Make a team with him. You will notice how this enriches your life. He will lead you through special paths and take care of all that you may worry about now. The natural person tends to strive to the contrary: To be carefree, to seize as much as possible. This seems logical, but does not work with God in the long run. You would most likely be greedy and therefore will not be fed up or you could go the ways that are reprehensible and thus make you not happy.

You may wonder what I always emphasize the importance of involving God in life. If you really want to have success in life and do not want to live in an illusion, then do not come around God. Have you ever dealt with the situation of people who maintain an intimate relationship with God? They hold lasting happiness in their hands, even if the circumstances seem to be bad. For they have, besides earthly blessings, the certainty of what will happen with them after their death. Most people do not think much about it.

Consider the following story:

There is an old story of a king who, according to the custom of the times, held a courtly jester. These jesters had the right to tell the kings and princes the truth, even if it was bitter. If it was too bitter, they simply said, “He is just a fool!”

One day, the king gave the jester a silver jester-rod, with golden bells, and said, “You are certainly the greatest jester that exists, and if you meet one even more foolish than you, give him that rod.”

For years the jester had carried this rod – until the day he heard: “The king is dying.” Then he hopped into the sick-room, and said, “King, I hear you are going on a great journey.”

 “I do not want, I must!” Replied the king.

 “Oh, you have to, is there a power that still stands over the greats of this earth, well, but surely you will return soon?”

 “No,” the king moaned, “I will not go back from the land I travel to.”

“Well, well,” said the jester, gently, “surely you have been preparing this journey for a long time, I think you have made a royal reception in the land of which you are not returning.”

The king shook his head. “I missed that. I never had time to prepare this trip.”

“Oh, you surely did not know you had to start this trip?”

“I’ve known it already, but – as I said – no time to take care of the right preparations.”

Then the jester quietly laid his rod upon the king’s bed, and said, “You have commanded me to pass this rod on to him who is even more foolish than me. King, take the rod, you knew you must go to eternity and that thou canst not come back from thence, but thou didst not take care that the eternal gates be opened unto thee: King, thou art the greatest fool!”

Who will be more successful in eternity: the king or the jester?

A life with God does not have to be accompanied by poverty. Abraham or Job are good examples of this. If you live according to Matthew 6:33, God will provide you with as much as it is good for you. Jesus says elsewhere: I have come to give life and fullness. (John 10, 10) And you can influence it by yourself how much you receive: Give, then it will be given to you. A full, depressed, shaken, and overflowing measure will be given into your lap; Because with the measure you measure, you will be measured again. (Luke 6, 38)

A shining example of how God takes care of those who work for him is the Kenyan Geoffrey Matiti. In the book “Tumaini” the author M. Richner tells of Geoffrey’s path from misery and poverty to a stand that gives him inner and outer satisfaction. He can record real success in his life.

Do you also want to experience true success and true prosperity? Then look for your God-given vocation; It will certainly be worth it!

Thomas Sommer

As an Internet marketer, father and believer Thomas Sommer knows about the challenges of life. By the relationship to God he managed to find a stable foundation that carries him even through difficult times.
Now he is willing to help others in achieving the same.

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