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A Review on is an online global marketplace that helps freelancers offer their digital services to people in need of them.
Anyone around the world that wants to hire professional workers to do some work on given areas, can access the services from members using Some of the popular services rendered via the site include IT and software related field, Web and Graphic design, Content and article writing, accounting and legal services etc.
Every day people are constantly looking for information, on how to do something, or even seeking help with a number of tasks emanating from certain projects. But finding the suitable candidate for the job, is really a challenge.
Typically, Internet offers a gateway channel to reach the potential people who can handle given tasks. The idea of enlisting people with expertise on certain fields of work, is what led to the launch of on 2009.

How it works
People interested in working on a contract basis for variety of people, businesses and companies; rather than being employees for a single company can render their skills for decent income on the internet.
The website works as a bidding place. A potential employer can post a given task that is then displayed to the members with expertise in the related field.
Secondly, the freelancers have to place their bids, which has more details like: how much they are willing to charge for the task, and how long it is going to take to complete the work.
The employer chooses whose terms suits them and then give the work to the chosen freelancer.
After the work is done and submitted, only then can funds be released.

Costs is free to sign up, post projects, receive bids, and discuss terms of work.
To create a free account visit this link:
But if you (as an employer) offer work and the freelancer you choose accepts it, the site charges you what they call project fee. This depends on the value of the bid chosen, and the type of project posted.
If you cancel the project within a week after the acceptance date, the site refunds you every penny. Prices for accepted project are $3 or 3% of the original bid amount.
If you are a freelancer that is seeking to do jobs posted on the site, and you choose to accept a project awarded by the owner, you are charged project fee also known as ‘Introduction fee’. If the projects are done for hourly rate payment, you are charged for every payment made to you. Lastly, if the project is fixed, and after submission payment is released, takes a 10% or US$5.00 commission from the funds.
There are other charges that apply for additional services rendered. for more on the pricing options, visit the link:


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