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Fiverr, is an online freelancers’ marketplace for everyone willing to offer tasks and professional services to customers worldwide; from as low as 5.00 US dollars.
Started on 2010, with its headquarters in Tel Aviv, Israel; Fiverr has brought a huge impact on the manner in which virtual working is done around the globe. It’s pretty much easier to buy and sell digital services.
Some of the top advantages of using Fiverr site is that; a seller can offer multiple pricing ranges if they choose to use ‘Gig Packages’ to render their services. This helps a willing buyer to pay for the affordable service suitable for their type of work.
Also, you can create a team; (in which you will be their only Admin) or even add existing Fiverr users to your team platform. This can be helpful especially for groups working together or even a small business with more than one employee. They can place orders and pay using the team balance and for your business it becomes easier to track up expenditures.

How do I get started on Fiverr?

Are you interested in starting an online business using Fiverr?
For trustworth business operations, only registered members are allowed to use Fiverr to sell services. So, the first thing you need is to Sign up. This is absolutely free. to register visit:
Secondly, You need to set up a seller profile: for your customers to know you better and professionaly assess is you are capable for the tasks offered. On the profile you need to state whether you’ll be using Fiverr part-time or full-time, link social networking accounts you like to associate your Fiverr site with, languages spoken and their fluency, education levels, honors, awards and special certifications related to your work, skills; and Portfolio – in which you can link a website/blog showcasing your past projects.
Finally, you need to write a description which is majorly a bio info to introduce you to the rest of the Fiverr users.
After this; you can now create your First Gig (services offered on Fiverr!)
How do I get Paid?
Once a buyer or a client is interested on your services they can place an order after which you get notified especially via an email. You can then discuss details of work with the customer. When you deliver the final work, you receive the agreed payment.
14 days after the Order is marked as complete; can one receive payment for their work. (Though Top-Rated Sellers can withdraw after only 7 days). Making withdraws is allowed Once in every 24 hours. There are various ways to receive payment from Fiverr.

1.You can withdraw funds to your PayPal Account. The allowed minimum withdrawal amount is $1 (US Dollar). Withdrawal fees include a 2% of the total withdrawal amount.

  1. Withdrawal through Bank Transfer. Minimum allowed amount to withdraw is US$19.99. Fees charged for withdrawal is 3% though there may be an additional fee based on your location/type of currency.
  2. Direct Deposit for U.S. users only. minimum amount allowed for withdrawal is US$29.99 and a charge of US$1.00 applies.
  3. Fiverr Revenue Card. This allowes you to receive payment in your card within either 2 hours (charged US$3.00) or 2 days (with a charge of US$1.00). The minimum allowed amount is US$5.00
    For every successful Gig, Fiverr cuts a commission of 20% of the entire sales you make. This means, in every US$5.00, Fiverr will take $1.00.

Tips on Using Fiverr

  1. When creating a Gig on Fiverr, keep the title Short, Clear and precise to the point.
  2. Use the option ‘Extra Fast Delivery’. There are customers that might be willing to pay extra for you to work on a project at a lesser amount of time.
  3. On the description section of your Gigs, give as much details as possible. This is where buyers spend much time; making judgement if you understand your work and also if you suit their needs!
  4. FAQ. Don’t avoid it! Put yourself in the shoes of the buyer and pop some questions that might be common about your services. Write them and answer them, and remember: Keep it Precise!
  5. On the Gallery Section: however tempting it might seem, don’t use copyright content. Be unique. Customers love unique perspective of the things. The different actual sample of work is what will land you the job. Be Natural as well!
  6. Finally, after publishing your gigs; promote them on social media.

Good Luck on your Fiverr Career!


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