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Business Video Presentation

Video presentation is the ideal way to share your ideas and create a unifying connection with your audience.
Video presentation is not to be confused with slides presentation. Also, it doesn’t mean a business presenter with PowerPoint slides.
Business video presentations are well structured, standard in length, engaging for a memorable effect on audience. The combined text, animation, high definition videos and background music; not only does it convey your message, but also keeps the audience enthralled.
After your presentation is concluded, you can choose to upload the video on social media sites like YouTube for future references and more views to the interested audiences.

This article will give you tips on how to create an impressive powerful presentation that drives your message home.

First, Choose and research your topic wisely. Both your videos, images, and text should not be distractive. All should relate to the subject on discussion. The best way to achieve this, is always keeping your audience in mind from the planning stage to Live presentation.
Second, Have a clear storyline. Humans are programmed to respond to stories, because they grab our attention. Add a little humor to catch the attention of your audience. If your presentation video has complex content, try to break it down to fine easy-to-understand abstraction. Liven up the notion.
Third, come up with a well laid out plan. Since during this stage you have numerous crude hypothesis, it’s wise to select only that which is focused and built around your audience’ needs. Collect all the necessary documents, sort the information only needed.
Fourth, it’s decision time. Which information stands out as a narration? what of the rest achieves perfect results as video animation? Does your data include statistics and figures? How would you like to present them? Is it in graph, diagrams or simply chart maps? Select only the best type that suits the description needed.
Fifth, prep a brief script for your speech/narration. Focus mainly on the top points. Be natural don’t put up an accent. The opulence of your speech should majorly depend on viewers’ attention. Be honest and passionate. Keep it simple and concentrated on the core message.
Sixth, gather the visual materials like photos, cartoons and even professional sketches- that are an active supplement to your presentation. Try to minimize stock photography and rely more on the real content materials that makes the audience feel involved and gives emotional connection.
It’s now time to put everything together. You can choose an online video making software that would help bring all your recordings and virtual information into one piece.
Some popular softwares include :
This is an online & mobile video creator enabling the user to convert photos, video clips, texts and clips into video slideshows. It has a wide selection of video types and music library.
It also comes with a mobile app version. It’s unique features include service to business start-ups, campus sharing of videos, timeline and storyboard editing.
WeVideo Academy/School teaches the users basic editing and video making skills.

Others Include :

When narrating the story; be confident, make your gestures open, avoid crossing your arms or holding hands behind your back or pocketing. Start strongly….. preferably let your intro bring forth a story that develops to more characters and wider perspective of presentation subject.
Also, maintain an eye contact and smile occasionally. It will help calm you and make you feel less nervous whether it’s before one person or a sea of people in an arena.

Follow the guidelines above and your next presentation video should be not only good but great!


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