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Get in Touch with your Audience

Due to evolving technology, the world is gradually developing to become a small global village.
Despite time differences, attitudes, language barriers and so much more, ways for people to keep conversations go on, are increasing.

Furthermore, the fast-pace set on the communication channels, has tremendously lowered costs, and even made it real-time on both ends. Someone from Tokyo in Japan when they send an IM to a recipient in Helsinki, Finland : the message is received on the same time stamp.
Some of the communication options, which are popular include : e-mail, phone calls, social media platforms, and IM(Instant Message).

Depending on your readers demographics, or customer base – for the business people; offering diverse options for communications is an added advantage.

You can include Twitter, Facebook, social bookmarking, IM, and forward-to-a-friend e-mail functionality. This would help spread the word about your content/product with a vast audience than you knew.
If you have a blog on your website, you could go an extra mile on finding an audience alike who might be interested on your content. Perhaps you could seize the chance on other alike bloggers by sharing information through social media press releases, blogger outreach, and guest blog posting.

Another way to get in touch with your audience is by joining a community that’s relevant to your specialty. You don’t have to write or upload content on the forums or blogs. You can offer answers to other people’s inquiry or actively contribute on a site’s knowledge base. Whatever you do, simply leave a link that connects back to your site/blog/social media.

How many times do you measure traffic activities on your blog/website? At least twice a week, it’s healthy.
Tools like Google Analytics, provide reports on how your readers interact with content on your site. Among other details, you can assess and get to know which articles had many readers, (this will help you in future to write blog content that emphasizes mostly on the select categories with higher traffic flow), secondly with other tools-especially for online businesses, you can evaluate different product performances. Based on bi-weekly revenue, you’ll understand which product has a more customer’ segment. In that way, you can tune your advertisement, Facebook posts and tweets to focus on the consumer’s latest patterns, preferences and taste.

If you plan to launch a new product, or eBook, conduct a survey and encourage your viewers to contribute their insight after reading, watching or listening to your brief intro on the new product. This means, your website or blog should have user-friendly functionalities. For example: you could have a blog with diverse article types like, short podcast recordings, PDF files, video clips and even photo gallery.
Through that, a viewer will have more preferences to choose from. Also your website will be appealing to the eyes and aid in breaking the monotony associated with other blogs.

Finally, every person that you’ve caught their attention, are very important. Appreciate them. You could mention them on your tweets, follow them back, send a twitter DM to appreciate them, even offering discounts and seasonal offers.
Tip : a lottery competition on your site, especialy for subscribers is another way to appreciate your audience, because of the reward thereafter.


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