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What Motivates you to Blog?

Best blogs always provide fresh content on a regular basis. One reason why readers will always want to come back for more on your blog, lies on the motivation the writer has.

We all have different reasons why we create content for our internet platforms. Most individuals use blogging as a tool to conjure up their personal thoughts, opinions and feelings towards a subject or an object. Others, who knows?
Despite the reason you blog, a certain fact is that you cannot write unless you have a motivation behind the reason for writing. Maybe you have a perspective that sums up as a story and out of it you desire to share your experiences and offer expert advice; perhaps gained during your school life, career or even life in general or even want to provide a guide on “how to solve a challenge” : the list is endless.

For instance : Businesses mostly use it to improve their Search Engine Optimization and increase their website traffic inflow; and others, (especially Startups and SMEs) use it as a platform to share more in-depth knowledge on a new launched product.
Companies use blogging as a brand building strategy. Basically, to give their clients and customers the confidence to trust their product and services. Their motivation is building their company reputation and gaining higher trust percentage from their consumers hence expanding their business empire.

In this new era of technology, blogging has become a boundless playpen. There is no geographical or time limits. The opportunity isn’t the same as it used to be on the past century. With blogging, you have a new world without borders.
While blogging, your mind and life is gradually developing to a better version of you. We all make mistakes, but it’s out of the relentless effort invested in a journey of self-discovery can one realize their ups and downs. Every time you publish an article and read the feedback comments, in one way or another, you’ll find out that someone’s life was changed somehow.

If you choose to own a business blog, the best approach is to target your customers with posts that help clear doubts and get rid of confusion clogging the relationship between your business and them as consumers. When a prospective buyer’s questions are answered satisfactorily, the sales process becomes much easier. Also, the conversation between you (the business) and the consumer, could further position you as an helpful resource to them.

Unknowingly, every time you blog, you might be creating a long-term business relationship with a prospective client. Your blog acts as a source that deepens the connection you have with a customer – as long as you respond to their comments and interact with them.

Bottom-line : All these facts, point to the very start point of having a Motivation behind an article/post. Share your comments on what really inspires you to blog.


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