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God Story – William Mutie, Kenya


My name is William Mutie mwenga.Iam a born again christian and a believer in the good works of our Lord Jesus Christ.Am glad to share the story of my life of faith with you dear brethren before and after receiving Jesus christ.
I was born a kenyan ,in kitui county, in a subcounty known as mwingi central and a village by the name Nyanyaa.I was raised in mwingi town by both parents who are christians.I being the second born in a family of four,grew up knowing that going to church was the best thing one would do to go to heaven.Little did i know there was much more than being a church goer.
I had trained myself that every sunday morning,I should rise very early and prepare before 8am so that I wouldn’t late for sunday school lest i disappoint my mum and receive a beating.My church was and has always been springs fellowship church since i was was fun going to church at first because i used to meet my classmates and we would spent alot of time playing.But as time went by and i was getting older, i changed my attitude and became a trickter and a terrible liar.sometimes i even skipped church and l went ahead to spent my coins meant for offering but on returning home i would lie to my mum that i had given my offering.Life went on like this and i became more cunning.I finished my 8th grade or class eight well dispite my many inquities and passed well.i got admission to one of the best high schools in a neighbouring county


My high school life was a bit better but still didn’t change much of the bad habits i had developed in primary school.But the Lord had my life in his hands because all my life i have never done drug abuse till this very day.In my first year in high school i joined the christian union(CU) and was assigned the duty of being the CU treasurer and as the days went by i became the praise and worship leader till i completed my high school.
At times i felt guilt grip me for what i was doing outside christianity but still didn’t change my ways.I finished my high school education and got my first job in an life got troubled since i was a young adult working with no experience.My boss was harsh with lots of mistreatments.i would work very hard but instead my boss would underpay me.i was frustrated and in my heart i saw the boss as a disgust and an enemy of progress.
i worked at the NGO for about 2yrs and when the mistreatment were to much to bear i quit and joined campus since i had excelled well in my form 4 final examinations.i met afew friends in campus who were good advisers and its where my life took about turn.
During one of our many meetings,since we used to meet oftenly, we were discussing about an instant where a student had been stabbed to death by a fellow school mate in a bar of my friends who was a strong christian told us that things just happen and people take them for an accident.He said that evil must be prevailing in such a situation.I was curious to know why he thought so and In the evening he sent us in our whatsapp group an audio file.
The file contained a womans testimony about how Jesus had delivered her from the forces of evil having been a devil worshipper since her childhood.The audio had been tranlated to swahili but since i didnt like listening to audios, i took another step and searched her testimony on google hoping to find a written one especially in English.Thank jesus I found it alongside other many testimonies.The womans name was Nongolissa Ngeleka.I read and went through each one of them carefully and by the time i was completing the last one i was shaking in fear.The testimonials were so terrifying to the point of thinking i was going to die at any moment because they exposed all the evils done in this world and i was able to realise some of the evil things that were happening at that time.
After going through the testimonies once more, i came to an understanding that actually these are the last days and the world is in process of vanishing.something flashed through my mind and i saw the way people live carelessly by the manner of dressing and how they behave and i saw many missing heaven.people call it the trend or fashion but in actual sense it total vanity because the devil is using us unaware but people don’t seem to notice anthing unusual.A verse in the bible that makes actual sense was one in the book of matthew 24:37 “As it was in the days of Noah,so will it be at the coming of the son of man….”
Millions of people are in the darkness but think they are in right path.WHAT A PITY!!!Through these testimonies my life changed completely in an instance.Some christians have weird believes like some say the bible was written by the whites to scare us from sin and that HELL doesn’t exist but God of mercy on the last day will let us all go to heart aches when i see the miserable lives people have and the weird thoughts they have put in their minds.


I began reading the bible more intensely and carefully.The word of God is a double edged sword that cut through my heart when i realised how much i would have lost without Jesus.I was so overwhelmed by the gospel that i started sharing it with the people around me but people rejected it as it is with worldly people who reject anything that they do not understand or anything that does not support what evil they do.
Well, i was greatful to my Lord Jesus for giving me the chance to share the good news with my friends and family members even though they refused to believe as i had believed.My life with christ has been a great satisfication and the Lord has opened my spiritual eyes in a way i couldn’t imagine.The love of Christ refreshes me all days since i received Him.A golden verse that keeps me going all through my struggles is in John 16:24 where Jesus says”untill now you have not asked for anthing in my name.ask and you will receive and your joy will be complete..”The name of JESUS is a complete set of everything one can ever need.My problems disappear everytime I use the name of Jesus.
I remember vividly in 2019, i was caught in an offence that would have landed me in jail for terms not less than 10yrs.But during the night under police custody, i got down on my knees and cried to God sincerely confessing my trasgressions and earnestly praying.I prayed and believed that by noon the following day i shall be realised and the complainant will close our case.The following morning a miracle happened.By 10am i had been released from the cell under circumstances i didn’t understand.JESUS ANSWERED MY PRAYER and rewarded my faith abundantly.

I also had prayed at the end of 2019 the lord to bless me start my own business in the new year 2020.God is faithful in all His words.JESUS said in matthew 7:7-8 “7Ask and it will be given to you;seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you.8for everyone who asks recieves;he who seeks finds; and to him who knocks, the door will be opened…..”.Nothing else is left there for me to doubt the faithful words and works of my SAVIOUR because now I run my own business which is a general shop.Though its small, i rely on my Lord for help with my struggles.Despite the problems and struggles including the ependamic that has hit the whole universe and has halted almost everything,that is Covid-19,i am still hoping to expand my business to higher scales.sometimes rent troubles me and i feel like giving up but then i remember the pillar of my business and i worry no more.
One thing i can never forget in my life no matter what i go through,is that,i shall stay true to my GOD and never forsake his teachings because i want to be united with my saviour one day.The book of 1 john 1:5 says”God is light, in him there is no darkness at all..”.What I understood about this verse is that, anyone who considers himself a child of God must not posses any kind of darkness or evil in himself and should be like his father who shines his light to the world.May almighty king of glory bless you in JESUS mighty name.AMEN

Thomas Sommer

As an Internet marketer, father and believer Thomas Sommer knows about the challenges of life. By the relationship to God he managed to find a stable foundation that carries him even through difficult times.
Now he is willing to help others in achieving the same.

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