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How To Overcome Difficulty

Philippians 2:10,11

“so that at the name of Jesus, every knee shall bow (in submission), of those who are in heaven and on earth and under the earth, and that every tongue will confess and openly acknowledge that Jesus Christ is Lord (sovereign God), to the glory of God the Father”

Though we all face difficulties, not everyone knows how to come out of them. Some find themselves trapped in crisis and cannot survive.

The introduction of the name “Jesus“, not just by mentioning but by presentation, brings everything – including those that we don’t think to exist, become flexible and their weak point is finally exposed.

A knee is a breaking point. It is both a strong point and a weak point.

Sidenote: Unfortunately, even for believers, there’s a mentality that has occupied us, into thinking that we cannot access God, even when HE urges us to seek HIM. We see ourselves as disqualified. We set laws and barriers that make our Faith appear as mere religion.

We overcome any Crisis by managing it well. How you manage a situation, (the way you best approach) determines your size of victory in the end. You don’t want to solve a problem that eventually leads you to another one.

So, How do you handle any difficulty?

1. Recognize its source

Having a situation and failing to recognize it is another crisis.

For example, if you went on a jog on a Friday evening and woke up the following morning tired with pain all over your body, your mind ought to remember that you engaged in a certain activity that led you into the current one. Failure to identify the main source as the origin of the pain you’re experiencing could lead to creation of another problem.

Say you fail to remember or simply ignore and proceed to visit a hospital, most likely the doctor will prescribe some pain medication. Unfortunately, this could place you at risk of developing a different health issue. 

There are certain difficulties that don’t settle on the day they arrive. Some are revealed as they intensify. For instance, ailments like Cancer. or Depression, or Probably losing someone close to you.

2. Focus on the Situation and stop everything else for some time

Appreciate and don’t argue that you have a challenge present. If you don’t respond to it, it will find a way of calling out for your attention. For instance, High Blood Pressure will reveal a hidden underlying cause.

If you are an employee, request a work leave. During your break, concentrate on coming up with a way of solving what you are facing. The more you delay addressing it, the stronger and harder it becomes.

Document it. Take notes and/or keep proper records in place on the crisis you face; so that you have a point of reference in the future. Don’t get over a challenge prematurely, if you do, it might come back and overcome you in the future.

Have your credit records to understand your financial stand. Have a sample of test results emailed or printed by your doctor.

3. Pray

As you spend time focusing on the situation, Pray over it.

Pray while basing your situation on the scripture quoted above “Phillipians 2:10,11”. When we pray, we become empowered by God to have enough Capabilities suitable for approaching a particular situation. We get sufficient Grace to discover where the weakness of the challenge is at.

Additionally, Don’t just pray for the situation. Seek God to grant you discernment regarding the state of the crisis and if it’s a future one, seek HIM to help you plan for it wisely.

For instance, in The Bible,  Genesis 41 shares a remarkable story about Joseph storing grain for a future 7 year drought period.

Also, when praying – don’t inquire about a matter if you’re not ready to handle it in advance. For example, if your spending habit is extravagant – you might find yourself in a debt or even having your business shut down due to bankruptcy. When you pray, and you receive divine knowledge on a situation under development; get ready and start preparing for that future issue today.

4. Trust God not Professionals

Humans are not immune to error. Most crises and difficulties are brought to us by experts that we so-trust, forgetting that they too can make mistakes.

While some crises may call for professional help, don’t allow it to develop further, ignorantly.

Note: The best way to avoid errors is by reviewing and asking for a third-party opinion, where necessary. For example, you could consult a different professional, to take a look and review what’s been recommended by the first one (especially on medical or financial-related matters).

Don’t put your trust in those around you. They might not even comprehend the situation you are going through.

Deal with the situation step by step, don’t rush. Ask God to guide you in prayer. And always know that you have the strength to overcome, as long as you are willing to overcome.


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