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Income From The World, Provision From God

World’s Provision and its ineffectiveness

The world defines provision as Income.

Income is achieved as a result of trading skills or talent for money in form of salary or business revenue. This income helps us run our day-to-day needs. It’s how we pay bills. It defines our lifestyle and dictates what we can and cannot afford – materialistically.

We have to work to get an income. To live comfortably, not only do we work, we save and invest for the future.

How Income is uncommon

Though there are so many resources on the earth, unfortunately, not everyone has access to these income-generating sources.

Some of us are fortunate to be born in environments where prospering and access to these resources isn’t hindered. But sadly, there are others who are born and brought up in harsh environments. Areas that have tyrants denying others the potential to produce/grow to the top.

A couple of reasons might contribute to these hard conditions. For example crime, laziness,  poor governance, or workers facing exploitation – yet they work to their fullest potential.

Investments in such areas might fail to yield positive results. It’s most likely to find poverty being common, cases such as fraud and embezzlement too.

Additionally, there are people, even in developed nations that have a form of disability that renders them unable to provide for themselves and their families too.

Natural calamities such as the current global warming and climate changes – may contribute to harsh conditions across the world.

With the above conditions; it’s unfair to compare income and general wealth distribution, on a global scale. Also, we can’t presume what makes some succeed or fail. we are all are abled differently.

God’s Provision and how it solves the world’s Income ineffectiveness

God created this earth. He formed all of us and understands what we need even before we ask for it. This doesn’t just apply to us as humans, but also to the rest of creation. Birds, trees, fish, all depend on Him too.

God provides by creating opportunities to accommodate our needs. Sometimes it may not be what we expect, but HE prioritizes our needs from wants.

What this means is: I don’t ought to have it – but whenever I need it, I can access it.

For instance, if you don’t own a car, and you happen to have a need that requires a car; God works through a relative or a friend who lends it to you.

In this way, those around you – (mostly the family of believers) are used by God to help bring solutions to your needs!

What God expects from us as we seek His Provision

Uprightness/Righteousness is the part we need to play while seeking God’s Providence.

Psalm 84: 11 – No good thing will He withhold from those who walk uprightly.

Matthew 6:33 – Seek First The Kingdom of God and His Righteousness and all these things will be added to you

In fact, our greatest need is God. Not materialistic things. As we seek Him, He also meets our needs.

His Righteousness/Uprightness that He desires for us; to some extent – it’s meant to shield us from turning into tyrants.

Psalm 62:10 – Riches have a way of holding hearts captive. Though they have the potential for much good on the earth, God encourages us to pursue righteousness – so that the wealth He adds to us won’t damage us.

Righteous people have the right attitude that guarantees God’s provision. Also, since this attitude is more of gratefulness, they choose to share with those that lack – as a way of Serving God. They allow God to work through them into creating opportunities for others.

To sum it all,

  • Your skill and ability to make an income are God-given. God Provides not only for the spiritual but our physical needs too.
  • Even when His provision on that day seems little to you, God views it as sufficient to sustain you – at least for that day! So be grateful, for He will always ensure you have your daily bread!
  • With the little you have, whether financially or a skill, if you allow God to use you, He creates a room for you to share with others, and this meets another person’s needs somewhere.
  • Don’t get caught up in your desires and fail to see God’s Provision, even when it’s evident around us. For instance, Rain and sun and the wind, ocean tides etc. They all serve a purpose. Maybe not to us as humans, but also the rest of creation depend on God too.
  • Everything has its season. Time to plant and time to harvest. Time to work and time to enjoy what you labored for. Therefore, be wise and invest for the dry season in your life – don’t depend on paychecks to run your life
Thomas Sommer

As an Internet marketer, father and believer Thomas Sommer knows about the challenges of life. By the relationship to God he managed to find a stable foundation that carries him even through difficult times.
Now he is willing to help others in achieving the same.

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